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Temporary Trial Licenses on EXOS switches

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TitleTemporary Trial Licenses on EXOS switches
This article explains the details of the trial license available on EXOS switches.
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The trial license is available in EXOS to enable all the software license levels and feature packs for 30-days.  
  • To enable the trial license, type the command debug epm enable trial-license
# debug epm enable trial-license
  • To clear the trial license, type the command debug epm clear trial-license. A reboot is required before the clear license takes effect.
# debug epm clear trial-license
  • The trial license can be extended up to 120 days (3 times) by re-entering the command debug epm enable trial-license without having to reboot the switch. 
  • After 30 day expiration, the trial license will continue to function until the next reboot. After the reboot, the trial license will be automatically cleared and the license will revert back to the original level.
  • At the 4th execution of the debug epm enable trial-license command, the switch will display the following warning in the CLI. At the end of the 30 days, the switch will automatically reboot without warning.
# debug epm enable trial-license
After 30 days system will be rebooted, Do you want to continue? (y/N)
  • To verify the trial license, type the command show licenses.
# show licenses
Enabled License Level:
        30 days Trial - expires in 30 days
  • To verify how many times the trial license is enabled consecutively, type the command debug epm show nvram.
# debug epm show nvram
      Current License: 2
      Previous License: 0
      Current Feature pack: 0
      Previous Feature pack: 0
      Trial Expiry Date: 2592000
      Number of trial license: 4
      Trial Secs: 2592000
      NonExtreme optics start: 0
      Checksum: 0

Additional notes
  • The debug command doesn't support the syntax helper and the auto-completion in the CLI. The entire debug command needs to be manually typed in the CLI. 
  • The Network Timing feature pack is not included in the trial license.
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