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Time based bandwidth management

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TitleTime based bandwidth management
How to ratelimit traffic with a meter at a specific time
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In the above example we made two assumptions.
  •     The time of the switch is accurate.
  •     already have a working meter configuration, in this example we used a meter with the name “dailylimit”
First we need to create two UPM profiles that will do the actual change:

create upm profile daylimit
configure meter "dailylimit" committed-rate 100 Mbps out-actions drop
create log entry "[configure daylimit]"

create upm profile nightlimit
configure meter "dailylimit" committed-rate 200 Mbps out-actions drop
create log entry "[configure nightlimit]"

(note that there is a dot “.” at the end to end the scripting part)
The log entry is not really necessary you can insert a meaningful message there, however the UPM trigger will be present in the log as well.

The next thing we need is a timer that will trigger the profiles:

create upm timer dayprofile
configure upm timer dayprofile profile daylimit
configure upm timer dayprofile at 4 19 2017 8 00 0 every 86400
create upm timer nightprofile
configure upm timer nightprofile profile nightlimit
configure upm timer nightprofile at 4 18 2017 20 00 0 every 86400

The date you see is the first date it will run after the installation. Unfortunately we cannot just give a time but we need to specify the first date and time. So if we install this today we can set the 8pm for today and the 8am for tomorrow.
After that it will be automatically changed to the next run time even after a reboot.

What this is doing is just changing the meter and will not change anything to the other existing filters.
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