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Troubleshoot the error "No Bond Partner found on port tg.2.24, possible misconfiguration"

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TitleTroubleshoot the error "No Bond Partner found on port tg.2.24, possible misconfiguration"
To Troubleshoot issues where the bonding partner is not found in VSB  
  • S-Series 
  • 7100-Series
  • VSB
  • Check the output of  "show bonding" . See the example below 
Support-> show bonding

Global Bonding State    : enabled
Max Bonded Chassis      : 8
Max Bonded System Slot  : 8
Slots active in System  : 1-2
Bonding Admin System MAC: 20-b3-99-xx-xx-xx
Bonding Oper System MAC : 20-b3-99-xx-xx-xx
Link Failure Response   : enabled

          System                              Shared   LFR      Active Slot IDs
Chassis Identifier  Serial Number  Status     Secret Priority  For This Chassis
------- ---------- --------------- ---------- ------ -------- -----------------
   1           777 14xxxxxxxxxL    up            yes      200                 1
   2           777 16xxxxxxxxxT    up            yes      100                 2
   3             0                 down           no       30              none
   4             0                 down           no       40              none
   5             0                 down           no       50              none
   6             0                 down           no       60              none
   7             0                 down           no       70              none
   8             0                 down           no       80              none

Port          Admin    Partner       Oper     Oper
              Status   Port          Mode     Status
------------- -------- ------------- -------- ----------------
tg.1.24       enabled  unknown       unknown  probe timeout   
fg.1.1        enabled  fg.2.1        bonding  up              
fg.1.2        enabled  fg.2.2        bonding  up              
tg.2.24       enabled  unknown       unknown  probe timeout   
fg.2.1        enabled  fg.1.1        bonding  up              
fg.2.2        enabled  fg.1.2        bonding  up
  • Check that bonding is globally enabled. If not then globally enable using "set bonding enable"
  • Check that both chassis are seen and have status UP. 
  • Look at the port table and check that Admin status is enabled. If not then enable using "set bonding port tg.1.24 enable" on the relevant ports
  • Check the Partner port is seen and operational Mode/Status is bonding/up
In the example above the LFR ports are enabled but have "probe timeout". This is what causes the error that we are troubleshooting
  • Check the port status of the physical ports involved in the issue to make sure that they are up and configured as bonds in which case they will show as "dormant"
Port         Alias            Oper     Admin   Speed  Duplex  Type
             (truncated)      Status   Status  (bps)
------------ ---------------- -------- ------- ------ ------- ------------------
tg.1.24                       dormant  up       10.0G full    10g-sr       lc
tg.2.24                       dormant  up       10.0G full    10g-sr       lc
  • If using a 7100 upgrade to version 8.42.03 or higher to take advantage of the the fix for the following firmware issue with VSB LFR ports
  • If the probes are not being seen by the other end then there may be a mismatch of LFR ports. i.e. Port linked but to another port and not the correct LFR port. This would give these exact symptoms. Make sure that the LFR ports are correctly linked together.
  • Take a wireshark trace on both ends of the link to determine whether the probe frames are being sent and received on both sides
  • If you still have issues then gather the information above as well as a "show support" and open a case with the GTAC so they can assist further ( there is internal debug that can be done to determine of probes are being sent or received but this needs a password )

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