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Troubleshooting Tips: Complete guide to Extreme Management XMC Upgrade

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TitleTroubleshooting Tips: Complete guide to Extreme Management XMC Upgrade
  • Upgrade the Extreme Management Server
  • XMC Upgrade
Extreme Management
Upgrade Path:
The upgrade from your current revision of Extreme Management and Extreme Control to the most recent may require several interim steps. The full details of the upgrade path can be found in the Knowledgebase article below.

XMC: What is the required path for Upgrading the Extreme Management Center (formerly known as NetSight) to v8.4?

Upgrade Process:
The step-by-step description of the upgrade process itself is contained within the following Knowledgebase article:

How to upgrade Netsight Suite or Extreme Management Center on linux appliances

The article is written specifically for the Extreme Management server; however, the exact same steps are used for the Extreme Control Engines. The only change being that of the upgrade file (and filename) used. 

Upgrade Considerations:
As the updates are applied, it may be necessary to alter the CPU and Memory settings of the Extreme Management Virtual Machine (VM) prior to applying either of the v8.x.x.x updates. This is due to the fact the the VM requirements changed for v8.x.x.x+. The full details of this are contained below: 

Considerations for upgrading Extreme Management Center to version 8.x (formerly Netsight)

Extreme Management Center - memory settings -nsserver.cfg - for appliances running 8.x and higher

License Upgrade:
After all of the updates are applied, you may need to also update your existing Extreme Management License. The system will continue to operate normally for (90) days after the upgrades on the existing License. However, the License update must be completed within this (90) day window or the system will halt until the License update is applied. 

How to upgrade a NetSight Extreme Management Control license for use with version 7 or 8

Where to find Extreme Management Software:

Expanding drive space if needed:
Please see the following section in the Extreme Management Center help:  Adding Disk Space to a Virtual Engine
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