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Troubleshooting latency issues for hosts connected to the EXOS devices

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TitleTroubleshooting latency issues for hosts connected to the EXOS devices
The connectivity between devices connected to EXOS devices are slow. High latency is noticed in the application. 
Ping between the devices is normal and there is no packet drop observed. 
Issue is specific while using the application.
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1. Since the issue is specific to the application, check if the application uses jumbo frames. If it uses jumbo frames, the jumbo frames should be enabled on the switch as well. More information about jumbo frames in the article below: 
How to enable jumbo frames

2. Verify if there are any packet drops on the ports involved along with any Rx or Tx errors along the path. 
3. Check if the application uses TCP or UDP. If the application uses TCP, verify if there are TCP re-transmissions. This can be verified by capturing the application traffic on the switch ports by mirroring it. More information about how to mirror in the article below: 
How To Enable And Configure Mirroring In EXOS 

4. If there are TCP re-transmissions, use access-list counters on the ports in the ingress and egress direction on the switch to verify if there are any loss in packets observed. More information about how to use Access-list counters in the article below: 
Verify packets are ingressing or egressing switch 

4. If no loss is observed with no errors, investigate from the application side if it is causing the delay in processing the packets that it received from its NIC. 
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