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Understanding EXOS VLANs and tagged and untagged ports

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TitleUnderstanding EXOS VLANs and tagged and untagged ports
Help with the understanding of EXOS VLANs and assigning ports to VLANs as tagged or untagged.
  • EXOS
Creating and Deleting VLANs:

    Let’s first talk about VLANs.  VLANs are Virtual Local Area networks that isolate broadcast domains at layer 2 of the OSI model.  More information about VLANs can be found on Wikipedia here.  In EXOS you can have tagged and untagged VLANs.  What does tagged and untagged mean? The absence of an 802.1q header is untagged and the presence of an 802.1q header (tagged) in the frame.  802.1q is the networking standard for VLANs.  If you don’t configure an 802.1q tag on the VLAN the VLAN will not be able to pass 802.1q tagged frames.  It is best practice to tag your VLANs even if you don’t need to pass tagged frames.
  • Creating a VLAN is described in the below article.
  • Deleting a VLAN is described in the below article
Assigning ports to VLANs:

    Now that you know how to create a VLAN you need to assign ports to the VLAN.  Other vendors have you go into port configuration, and allow VLANs to pass on that port.  With EXOS you add ports to the VLAN, and NOT VLANs to the port.  It works the same but there can be a learning curve if new to EXOS.

    On a defaulted EXOS switch, all ports are assigned to the ‘default’ VLAN.  If you do not plan to use the default VLAN, please remove all ports from the VLAN by using the below command. 

configure vlan default delete ports all

Note: Please do not confuse the ‘default’ VLAN with the widely used "native VLAN" term.  The best way to translate the term “Native VLAN” to EXOS is an untagged port in the VLAN.  To some vendors an untagged port in the VLAN can be called the native VLAN if used in a trunk or an access port if used at the edge.
These below articles will show the different ways to add and delete ports from a VLAN:
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Adding ports tagged or untagged to a VLAN:
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Understanding MAC based VLANs and port based VLANs:
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