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Upgrade RFS with AP650 on v5.2.12 or lower to latest release

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TitleUpgrade RFS with AP650 on v5.2.12 or lower to latest release
How to upgrade an RFSxxxx v5.2.12 or lower with AP650 to latest release
  • RFS4000
  • RFS6000
  • RFS7000
  • AP650
Upgrade for AP650 from WiNG 4.x to WiNG 5.4.x or later is NOT seamless and requires additional steps. AP should first be updated to WiNG 5.2.13-015R. Please set in the controller profile (if clustered) or at the device level (self)  “service wireless ap650 legacy-auto-update-image flash:/ap650-"

For example:
1. Copy AP650 5.2 image on the RFS flash directory:
rfs4000-22A1B8#copy tftp://<Server IP>/AP650- flash:/AP650- [enter]

2. User the below command to first upgrade the AP650s to a 5.2.13 image
rfs4000-22A1B8#configure terminal
rfs4000-22A1B8(config-device-XXX)#service wireless ap650 legacy-auto-update-image flash:/AP650-
rfs4000-22A1B8(config-device-XXX)#commit write

3. If auto upgrade is enabled AP650 will get upgraded to 5.4 or later once it adopts to the controller, else use the below command to upgrade the AP650 to 5.4.x or later
rfs4000-22A1B8#device-upgrade ap650 <DEVICE> 

Additional notes
Please contact GTAC Support for AP650 v5.2.13 image file. 



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