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Upgrading devices using Extreme Management Center XMC step by step

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TitleUpgrading devices using Extreme Management Center XMC step by step
To upgrade devices using Extreme Management Center
  • XMC
  • Netsight
  • upgrade 
  • tftp
Select Devices
Highlight the device, or group of devices you wish to upgrade and right click
Set Configuration/Firmware->Upgrade Firmware
User-added image

Next we want to set the image, and then if needed, use set configuration (it will try to determine this based on well known device and download method)
User-added image
1. Set image
---->If image is not in system, you will need to download it from extreme portal and copy it to system.
---->Then select copy firmware to system using the following, making sure to select the correct directory for TFTP, FTP, SCP or SFTP.
      User-added image
2. Set configuration if needed
3. Configure backup schedule if needed. Click Checkbox, select time and then hit schedule
    User-added image

4. Click Start when all has been adjusted first.

Additional notes
A great video that goes over this in more detail. Extreme Management Center - Updating or upgrading Network Device Firmware



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