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Using Netsight Execute Command Script to set username and passwords on a switch

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TitleUsing Netsight Execute Command Script to set username and passwords on a switch
  • To use Netsight Console  Execute Command Script feature to add , delete and change user passwords.
  • This can helpful in changing many switches configurations at once.
  • Netsight Console
  • SecureStack
  • B5-Series
From Netsight Console

1. Ensure that Authorization Device Access has CLI  admin level credentials for the switch being used.
2. Navigate to -Tools > Authorization Device Access > Profile Credentials Tab > CLI Credentials Tab at bottom. 
3. Close when complete

User-added image

(For groups of devices I recommend start with one to verify it works as expected)
4.  Highlight devices under the My Networks panel on the left >Right Click on device(s) to be used > Select Execute Command Script

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5.  From Execute Command Script Window, add in  these example commands
clear system login rw
set system login extreme super-user enable
set password extreme
show system login

6.  From the Execute Command Script Window Click Execute button. Note any errors.

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Additional notes
To use the Newer Extreme Management Center (XMC) version, see  How to use Execute CLI script in Extreme Management Center (XMC)

Explanation of script
  • This clears the rw user, and adds in a user extreme with super-user 
  • It then adds a password of Test5678
  • It then adds the 'show system login' to display the deletion of rw user and inclusion of extreme user.
  • The @SLEEP 1 variable pauses the CLI script for one second which is used to pause input for any potential output to TELNET/SSH session.



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