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VOSS : Simplified vIST configuration

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TitleVOSS : Simplified vIST configuration
Simplified vIST configuration to build switch cluster when switches are running on non-spbm mode ("no boot config flags spbm-config-mode")
VSP 8400
VSP 8200
VSP 7200
Simplified vIST is available for conventional multicast deployments with PIM(Protocol Independent Multicast) and IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) only when the boot flag (spbm-config-mode) is disabled.
  • PIM is supported with Simplified vIST only, not SPB vIST 
  • When boot config flags spbm-config-mode is enabled (default setting), Simplified vIST is not available 
  • Simplified vIST can be configured only when two vIST devices are directly connected 

Below is the step by step procedure to configure simplified virtual-IST.
1. Disable the spbm-config-mode boot flag, Save the configuration and reboot the switch to make the changes take effect.
no boot config flags spbm-config-mode
save config

Verify the flag using the command "show boot config flags"

2. Create the vIST VLAN and assign an IP.
vlan create <2-4059> type port-mstprstp <0–63>
interface vlan <1-4059>
ip address <A.B.C.D/X>

3. Configure the vIST peer address and VLAN:
virtual-ist peer-ip <A.B.C.D> vlan <1-4059>

4. Configure the vIST MLT:
mlt <1-512> enable
mlt <1-512> member {IST port numbers}
mlt <1-512> encapsulation dot1q
interface mlt <1-512>
    virtual-ist enable

Check the functionality by using below show command:
#show virtual-ist
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