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VSP 9000 3rd party certificate installation

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TitleVSP 9000 3rd party certificate installation
How to install 3rd party certificate on VSP9K?
VSP 9000
VSP 9000 does not support generating .CSR (certificate signing request) file, which is necessary for issuing certificate by CA (Certification Authority).
  1. Install openssl software:
  2. Generate .CSR and private key in openssl software:
  3. Provide .CSR only to CA.
  4. CA should send back issued certificate.
  5. Convert certificate to .cert format.
  6. Install certificate and private key to VSP9K:
  • Rename the files to host.cert and host.key.
  • Upload the certificate and key files to the /intflash/.ssh/ directory
  • Reboot the system and the new certificate loads during the boot-up process.
Note: The system does not validate the expiration date on the certificate and performs no action after the certificate expires. You can either replace the host.cert and host.key files with new files (if the certificate is a user-generated certificate), or delete the host.cert and host.key files, and then reboot the system to load a new certificate after the original certificate expires. 
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