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VSP4000 license file name change

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TitleVSP4000 license file name change
How to change license file name from license.dat to whatever .dat?
License file name requirements:

The license filename stored on a device must meet the following requirements:
  • Maximum of 63 alphanumeric characters
  • No spaces or special characters allowed
  • Underscore (_) is allowed
  • The file extension ".xml" is required"

Procedure to change license file name:
  1. Backup license file on ftp server
  2. Remove (delete) license file from VSP
  3. Reboot the switch and do show license to check you have no license installed
  4. Once you have no license on VSP, rename license file on FTP server with required name
  5. Use requirements for license file name at the top
  6. Upload the license to VSP
  7. Load-license
  8. Check license name by show license
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