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WING: how to setup rate limit per Wireless LAN

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TitleWING: how to setup rate limit per Wireless LAN
How to restrict upstream/downstream data rate for a Wireless LAN on WING platform.
  • ExtremeWiNG
  • ExtremeWiNG Controllers
  • ExtremeWiNG Access Points
Using GUI of WING Controller:
  • Start by editing "default" WLAN QoS Policy under Configuration --> Wireless. Alternately, create new WLAN QoS Policy.
  • On Rate Limit tab, Enable Upstream/Downstream Rate Limit check boxes under Wireless LAN section (top half of the page)
  • Set appropriate Rate for Upstream/Downstream for Wireless LAN. This limit applies to WLAN level (Sum for all associated Wireless clients using this WLAN on one rf-domain).
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  • Make sure QoS Policy is mapped to intended WLAN under Configuration --> Wireless --> Wireless LAN --> Basic Configuration
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  Resultant configuration:
      wlan-qos-policy default
         rate-limit wlan to-air
         rate-limit wlan from-air
         qos trust dscp
         qos trust wmm
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