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What configuration is needed for ZTP+ (Zero Touch Provisioning Plus)

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TitleWhat configuration is needed for ZTP+ (Zero Touch Provisioning Plus)
What configuration is needed for Successful ZTP+ (Zero Touch Provisioning Plus)

  • EXOS 21.x (Supported for now on all standalone Summit switches that support EXOS 21.x)
  • Control Center (Extreme Management Center EMC)
  • Netsight 7.x
  • The DHCP Server needs to return a DNS Server and Domain Name to the ZTP+ device.
  • The DNS Server needs to map the name extremecontrol.<domain-name> to the IP address of the Management Center server (Netsight)
  • The switch needs to boot without a config file, without autoexec.xsf.
  • The switch needs to be registered in EMC with it's serial number or EMC needs to be configured to accept all requests.
To be completely clear, no special DHCP options are needed, the only thing needed is a working DNS where the switch can resolve and reach the extremecontrol name.
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