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What configuration is needed for ZTP+ (Zero Touch Provisioning Plus)

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TitleWhat configuration is needed for ZTP+ (Zero Touch Provisioning Plus)
What configuration is needed for Successful ZTP+ (Zero Touch Provisioning Plus)

  • EXOS 21.x (Supported for now on all standalone Summit switches that support EXOS 21.x)
  • EXOS 30.3 (Supported for now on Summit stacks that support EXOS 30.x)
  • Control Center (Extreme Management Center)
  • Netsight 7.x
  • Netsight 8.x ( - EXOS Stack)
Extreme Management Center Requirements:
  1. Make sure the latest Cloud Connector XMOD is installed in Extreme Management Center: See:
  2. In the Network > Devices tab in Management Center expand the World Site navigation tree and select the "Site" tab in the right panel. Make sure "Enable ZTP+ (Only in 7.x) and "Automatically Add Devices" are both selected:
Network Requirements: 
  1. Switch must be able to receive DHCP that provides IP address, gateway, DNS server and domain name
  2. Switch must be able to resolve extremecontrol.<domain-name> to the IP address of the Extreme Management Center 
  3. The switch must be factory defaults, or completely unconfigured to trigger ZTP+ process.It must not have a config file, or autoexec.xsf. To re-trigger ZTP+ run the command: 
    unconfigure switch all
  4. The switch CAN be pre-registered in Extreme Management Center, but it is not required. The device show show up as "ZTP+ Pending Edit" if not pre-registered. 
 For EXOS Stack: 
Manually enable stacking on the device and create the stack, then the ZTP+ process can be used to configure the device.  XMC and network requirements apply to stacks.
1.  Create the stack setup.
2.  Run the "Reboot" command. Do not "save" the configuration. Just reboot without saving. This should result in stacking being enabled on the reboot and auto-provision running.
3.  After the reboot, when the device sends the ZTP+ connect message to XMC the "Serial Number" value displayed within the OneView > Network > Discovered table will be the "MAC Address" for the stack - it will no longer be the Serial Number of the device.

IMPORTANT: ZTP+ and ZTP are separate technologies.No special DHCP options are needed in order for ZTP+ to function normally.
Additional notes
IMPORTANT: : ExtremeXOS devices on which version is running require an update to the CloudConnector XMOD for ZTP+ functionality to work properly. Saving the most recent XMOD in the directory specified above updates the device and allows ZTP+ to function as intended. If multiple CloudConnector XMOD files exist in the same directory on the Management Center server as the reference image, Management Center downloads the XMOD file with the higher version number on the device

Stacked systems must be running ExtremeXOS version 30.3 or later to support ZTP+ configuration ( ExtremeXOS Cloud Connector version 3.4.x or later.)

NOTE: ZTP+ does not allow you the use of the "Load Configuration" option in the "Discovered" tab. Only ZTP has use of this feature. All deployment information for ZTP+ occurs through "Edit Device" feature, or "Sites" options if moving switch into a "site" 

NOTE: Additional ZTP+ deployment information can be found in the 7.x or 8.x user guides: 



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