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What license do I choose?

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TitleWhat license do I choose?
What license do I choose?
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Each controller family can have multiple combinations to choose from that range from zero licenses to the max number of access port licenses loaded on the controller.

Note:  Access Port Licenses support both types of APs

These SKUs were established in the early days of WiNG and have not been changed. Instead, we released license packs for both access port licenses and adaptive access point licenses that can be added to any controller until the maximum limit has been reached.

Rule of thumb: Now that all the legacy “thin” APs only support “spoke and hub” deployments are now end of life, it will almost always make sense to start with a zero-port controller and add licenses to it.

However, you can mix and match AP license types depending on what you start with. Keep in mind that you can never exceed the maximum combined number of access port licenses or adaptive access point licenses.

When combining different types of licenses you cannot exceed the total maximum number of adaptive licenses specified for that controller, nor can you have more than the maximum number of access port licenses in addition to adaptive access point licenses.

Adaptive Access Point licenses are used to adopt controllers downstream in the hierarchy, and each controller counts as a single network element. The combination of controllers and APs to be managed cannot exceed the number of devices supported on a given controller (previously specified as the number of APs supported).To help make this clear, here are some scenarios:
Controller modelAccess Port LicensesAccess Point LicensesCombination
RFS4000No more than 6No more than 138
(six port licenses preloaded on
No more than 6 access port
No more than 144 total
RFS6000No more than 48No more than 256No more than 48 access port
No more than 256 total
RFS7000No more than 256No more than 1024No more than 256 access port
No more than 1024 total
NX4500 / 4524NoneNo more than 144No support for combination
NX6500NoneNo more than 264No support for combination
NX9500NoneNo more than 10,240No support for combination
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