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WiNG license installation in Controller GUI/CLI

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TitleWiNG license installation in Controller GUI/CLI
Assist customer to install license in controller via CLI / GUI
  • WiNG license voucher
  • Controller : RFS / VX / NX
  • WiNG 5
From the controller GUI:

1. Go to Configuration > Devices, you may double click on the device to enter it's configuration page or select it then click edit.
User-added image

2. From the "Device Configuration" page, click "Licenses". For Port license, you will need to go to the AP license:
If you have existing config key, you will need to first remove it by entering the Up arrow
Before removing the config key
After removing the config key

3. Input the config key, select the down arrow > OK > Commit and Save
User-added image

Alternately, from the controller CLI:
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
rfs7000-17E1D4(config-device-5C-0E-8B-17-E1-D4)#license ?
  WORD  Feature name (AP/AAP/ADSEC/HTANLT/WEBF) for which license is to be added
rfs7000-17E1D4(config-device-5C-0E-8B-17-E1-D4)#license ap <Config key obtained after activating in license portal / from GTAC>
rfs7000-17E1D4(config-device-5C-0E-8B-17-E1-D4)#com wr
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Additional notes
For information on how to activate a license voucher within the customer facing support portal, please reference the following articles
How to activate a WiNG license voucher




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