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WiNG v5.8.6 Secure Management Failing to Authenticate

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TitleWiNG v5.8.6 Secure Management Failing to Authenticate
When upgrading a controller and/or AP to WiNG v5.8.6.0-011R and secure management has been previously configured, secure management authentication will fail when admin/user tries to login using credentials that require radius authentication (secure management).
  • WiNG Controllers
  • VX-9000
  • VX9000
  • WiNG AP
  • AP8533
  • AP-8533
  • AP8432
  • AP-8432
  • AP7532
  • AP-7532
  • AP7522
  • AP-7522
  • AP6522
  • AP-6522
  • AP7502
  • AP-7502
  • AP7562
  • AP-7562
  • AP8163
  • AP-8163
  • AP6562
  • AP-6562
  • NX-5500
  • NX5500
  • NX-7500
  • NX7500
Must configure 'attribute nas-ip-address <IP address>' on existing AAA policy that is mapped to secure management policy. This modification can only be performed via the CLI.

enable [enter]
configure [enter]
aaa-policy-xxxxxx [enter] (x represents AAA policy name)
attribute nas-ip-address [enter] (x represents controller or AP IP address)
com wr [enter]

Additional notes
Admins/Users cannot make this modification in previous releases, so customers should disable secure management prior to upgrade to v5.8.6 in order to not get locked out. After upgrade, customers can modify the AAA policy for secure management and then re-enable secure management. 



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