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Wing Express Corporate WiFi DHCP Server and NAT

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TitleWing Express Corporate WiFi DHCP Server and NAT
Configuring none guest network that supplies IP address to wireless clients and allow wireless clients to roam between APs.
  • AP65xx with WiNG Express GUI
  • AP75xx with WiNG Express GUI
  • AP65xxE
  • AP75xxE
  • WiNG Express 5.8.x
VX9000/AP7522 5.8.6

1) Create Site and click 'Apply'
User-added image

2) Create auto provisioning policy for the sit and click 'Apply'
User-added image

3) Add static IP VLAN 10 to the AP at the site and click 'Apply' (Figure 1)
User-added image

4) Add trunk VLAN 10. Ignore red 'x' example below, it should be green checked. (figure 2)
Trunking VLAN 10

5) Assign Corp (WiFi) to vlan 10 and click 'Apply', (Figure 3) 
User-added image

6) Test wireless connection, below is an example of successful connection. Wireless client is on WLAN Corp/VLAN10/IP

User-added image
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