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how to archive E1120 cloud appliance in XMC

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Titlehow to archive E1120 cloud appliance in XMC
archive E1120 cloud appliance in XMC
The following steps can be used to get the E1120 to do the archive.

The E1120 requires the use of SCP or FTP. If the NetSight server is running on Linux then you should be all set. If the NetSight server is running on Windows then you will need to install an SCP or FTP server.
  1. Go To Administration -> Options -> Inventory Manager -> File Transfer Settings -> SCP Transfer settings
  2.  Make sure that the root paths and user/password information is correct for the SCP server.

If NetSight was installed with the user netsight then this information will be (you can see the user from /var/Extreme_Networks/.netsight. Look at the line:)

      3. Enter the root user and then the password for the root user on the linux box. If you have another user defined then enter in that users credentials and home directory information (for installs with the netsight user enter those credentials)

      4. Apply the changes and then close out of the options.
      5. Right click on the E1120 devices and select File Transfer Method. 6.        6. Select SCP and OK.

You should now be able to archive the configs.
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