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how to understand the port number in snmp walk OID

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Titlehow to understand the port number in snmp walk OID
how to understand the port number in snmp walk OID
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Each slot has a reserved number for representation of ports , namely 256 , so the actual number represented would be ( slot # - 1)*256 + actual port # . one odd and one even (One pair) matchs to one physical port. In below setup, 259 and 260 match to port 2:2, 261 and 262 match to port 2:3, 1537 and 1538 match to MSM128 management port(slot 7). 

* BD-8806.1 # show slot
Slots    Type                 Configured           State       Ports  Flags
Slot-1   G48Tc(PoE)           G48Tc(PoE)           Operational   48   M    
Slot-2   10G4Xc               10G4Xc               Operational    4   M    
Slot-3                                             Empty          0        
Slot-4                                             Empty          0        
Slot-5                                             Empty          0        
Slot-6                                             Empty          0        
MSM-A    8900-MSM128                               Operational    0        
MSM-B                                              Empty          0

BD8800 with slot1 G48TC and slot2 10G4XC
Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.1; Value (Counter32): 0
Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.2; Value (Counter32): 0
Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.3; Value (Counter32): 0

Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.94; Value (Counter32): 0
Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.95; Value (Counter32): 0
Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.96; Value (Counter32): 0
Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.257; Value (Counter32): 0
Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.258; Value (Counter32): 0
Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.259; Value (Counter32): 29412027
Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.260; Value (Counter32): 1790583109
Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.261; Value (Counter32): 419320560
Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.262; Value (Counter32): 4100373752
Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.263; Value (Counter32): 0
Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.264; Value (Counter32): 0
Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.1537; Value (Counter32): 0
Name/OID: extremeRtStatsCRCAlignErrors.1538; Value (Counter32): 0

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