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VSP to ERS in proxy to ERS in proxy standalone

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TitleVSP to ERS in proxy to ERS in proxy standalone
  • Can have a ERS switch running fa standalone with it connected to a ERS switch running fa proxy and that switch is connected to VSP running fa server?
  • ERS49/59000
  • All versions
  • Proxy Chaining is not supported and guardrails were put in place to prevent this
Additional notes
For Element discovery, an FA Proxy switch will not process assignment requests coming from another Proxy. 

So if you do “show fa element” on the middle Proxy that has an FA Server upstream and an FA Proxy downstream:

FA Server(VSP) <--> FA Proxy (ERS) <--> FA Proxy (ERS) 

The middle FA Proxy will support Assignments from directly attached FA Clients and also send and have valid FA Assignments accepted that are created directly on itself. (BTW, the Element “discovery” part will still work)  ANY subsequent “chained” FA Proxy will not have it’s Assignments relayed/forwarded through the Proxy that is connected to the FA Server switch. The device will be in  “pending” state on the edge FA Proxy.



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