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Extreme Management Center - Installation of Third-Party Applications Is Prohibited

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TitleExtreme Management Center - Installation of Third-Party Applications Is Prohibited
Does Extreme support the installation of third-party software applications on Extreme Management Center software appliances?
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  • Extreme Control
  • Extreme Analytics
  • Extreme Guest & IoT Manager
  • All Software Releases
Extreme Networks does not promote or provide support for the installation of third-party applications to be installed on or coincide with any of the Extreme Management Center software appliance offerings, including our Hyper V and vSphere OVA pre-packaged appliance images.

Additional notes
Extreme Networks does provide and allow for the installation of Extreme Management Center on standalone Windows, Windows Server, Ubuntu, Solaris and CentOS platforms. While it may be possible to install such third party applications on these platforms, their interoperability with and impact to Extreme-based software applications is not known and can not be supported. Any perceived impact may negate Extreme's ability to diagnose and/or resolve reported issues and you may be required to remove conflicting third party applications at our request or place our software offerings on separate closed standalone platforms.



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