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Wireless clients are not able to connect to ExtremeCloud Appliance

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TitleWireless clients are not able to connect to ExtremeCloud Appliance
Wireless clients are not able to connect to any SSID (even open type) on ExtremeCloud Appliance

Messages similar to following seen in the AP log:
krn: chantry_mac_bcm.c:1974-mac_filter_match()-MAC-ACL: to validate client MAC: AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF, filter_mode: 2
krn: chantry_mac_bcm.c:1989-mac_filter_match()-MAC-ACL: acl-list-hit=0; allowed=0

  • Extreme Cloud Appliance (XCA)
  • Previous version: 4.36.04
  • Firmware: 4.56.02 or higher
  • WebUI
  • Default blacklist mode changed to whitelist
When a whitelist void of any defined wireless client MAC address is configured under Monitor >> Clients the controller will prevent all wireless clients from connecting.

User-added image

To resolve this issue, click on the Whitelist button and check the
Blacklist - Deny MAC address if it is on the list (Allow all other MAC addresses) radio button Click OK when prompted to: 

User-added image

User-added image

If you wish to use whitelist, add all the MACs that you need to permit.

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Additional notes
In versions 4.36.04 or earlier, wireless clients were able to connect even with an empty whitlelist due to the fact that said list was not fully functional. This was resolved in later releases. 

When switching from black to whitelist the GUI will warn operator to configure allowed addresses.



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