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Wireless client denied association due to PMF policy violation on WiNG APs

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TitleWireless client denied association due to PMF policy violation on WiNG APs
Why are wireless client denied association to the wlan due to PMF policy violation when we don't have any PMF policies defined?
The following message is being displayed in the event logs: 
CLIENT_DENIED_ASSOC Client '00-22-20-AA-85-1D' denied association on radio 'LAB-AP:R2' wlan 'TEST': PMF policy violation
  • AP7522E (Express upgraded to Enterprise)
  • WiNG 5.9.x
  • CLI
  • SSH
  • PMF: protected-mgmt-frames
  • Notepad ++
While looking at the running config it was found that a non-native 5.9.x command was configured within the WLAN parameters. It may have been carried over from when the APs where still on Express firmware. 
wlan TEST
ssid TEST
-- omitted --
no pmf mode
-- omitted --

Since this is a non-native 5.9.x command, it would be impossible to remove it directly from CLI or GUI. The following steps should be followed in this case:
  1. Back up the running config
  2. Delete the command using Notepad ++ or similar software
  3. Restore the config
Instructions on backing up and restoring the config: How to backup or restore WiNG config from your desktop

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