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VOSS and ExtremeXOS SLPP Recommendation

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TitleVOSS and ExtremeXOS SLPP Recommendation
  • VOSS and ExtremeXOS SLPP Recommendation
  • Summit X450-G2, X460-G2, X670-G2, and ExtremeSwitching X440-G2, X465, X590, X620, X690, X870 series switches
  • VSP
  • All versions
  • Simple Loop Prevention Protocol (SLPP) is an application that detects loops in an MLAG (Multi-switch Link Aggregation Group) or Split Multi-link Trunking (SMLT) network on VOSS/BOSS switches.
  • SLPP Guard is a complementary feature for ExtremeXOS switches that helps prevent loops in networks by administratively disabling an edge port if a switch receiveS an SLPP PDU from an SMLT network.
  • SLPP Guard detects and discards SLPP control PDUs on a per port basis
  • SLPP Guard identifies SLPP PDUs using the Ethernet type field of the packet, which is configurable.
  • When an SLPP PDU is received on a port that has SLPP Guard activated on it, it is immediately disabled.
  • After a configurable timeout value expires (associated with each port), the port is automatically re-enabled.
Additional notes
  • When SLPP Guard disables a port, the disabled status is not persistent. If the switch reboots, the port is enabled when the switch comes back up.
  • If you use the CLI to enable or disable a port that has been disabled by SLPP Guard, the port is enabled or disabled as applicable and the recovery timer is stopped for that port.
  • The most common use case is with an IP phone with two ports: one for a switch and one for a computer.
  • If you plug both IP phone ports onto the edge switch, a loop is created.
  • To avoid a loop in the SMLT network, on the ExtremeXOS edge switch, enable SLPP Guard on the ports that are connected to the IP phone.



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