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connected routes for GRE tunnels disappeared

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Titleconnected routes for GRE tunnels disappeared
Can you provide any deeper explanation of why the box believes there is a recursive route and puts the GRE tunnels hard down?
  • SLX9540
  • Version 18r.2.00

RECURDOWN: TunnelX temporarily disabled due to recursive routing error message means that the generic routing encapsulation (GRE) tunnel router has discovered a recursive routing problem. This condition is usually due to one of these causes:

A misconfiguration that causes the router to try to route to the tunnel destination address using the tunnel interface itself (recursive routing)

A temporary instability caused by route flapping elsewhere in the network

Tunnel interface status depends on the IP reach ability to the tunnel destination. When the router detects a recursive routing failure for the tunnel 
destination, it shuts the tunnel interface down for a few minutes so that the situation causing the problem can resolve
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