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New temperature related logs in VOSS

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TitleNew temperature related logs in VOSS
Why there are new temperature related logs recorded in the VSP switches after a software upgrade?

CP1 [12/08/19 01:07:32.306:IST] 0x00010865 00400026.2 DYNAMIC SET GlobalRouter HW WARNING Temperature Sensor 3 is (46 C) has exceeded the alarm threshold temperature (45 C)

  • VSP platform
  • VOSS 7.1.5 and above.
Older software releases only had one critical threshold and a log was generated only when that threshold temperature is reached. However, the newer VOSS images have added two thresholds - Warning and critical threshold. 

Warning Threshold:
Specifies the temperature at which an warning alarm is raised.

Critical Threshold:
Specifies the temperature at which an Critical alarm is raised and is very close the Sensor Max value nearing to Shutdown.This alarm is logged continuously every 5 minutes.

Different models could have different temperature thresholds and those details can be verified in the installation guide documents.
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