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How do i find a WiNG OIDs in a MIB file

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TitleHow do i find a WiNG OIDs in a MIB file
How do i find a WiNG OIDs in a MIB file
WiNG 5.x
WiNG 7.x
You can open any of the MIB files using any text edit example NOTEPAD++ and view the MIB modules and OIDs.

Example searching for Firmware version from the AP.
Open "WING-MIB.mib" in notepad++ search for "version" and look for the "wingStatsDev" field.
		wingStatsDevVersion OBJECT-TYPE
			SYNTAX DisplayString
			MAX-ACCESS read-only
			STATUS current
				"Device software version
				XPath: /wing-stats/device[mac=key1]/base/version"
			::= { wingStatsDevEntry 4 }

If you have a MiB browser once the WING Mibs are loaded you can easily search for what you need,

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Helpful information

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    OIDs for adopted devices
    OIDs Stats/Info from Noc controller.
    This can be Stats/Info about itself or any APs its adopting managing.
    OIDs Stats/Info direct from Device (AP or controller)
    OIDs Stats/Info from device in RF-Domain(s)
Additional notes
A MIB file is a text file that defines all the OID’s available in that file.  
If you look at this file it will be hard to understand, which is fine.  
That is why MIB browsers where made.  
MIB browsers where made to interpreted MIB files and make it easier to understand each OID.  
Each OID will have a name, a description as well as if SNMP Get’s or Set’s are accepted.  
Most MIB browsers also have a built in feature to send SNMP Get's and Set's.  
This is great when looking for the right OID.  
Using the find feature "Ctrl+F" is very helpful in finding the correct OID you need.

Download any third party MIB browser.  iReasoning is free for non commercial use.  iReasoning MIB browser and  Extreme Management  MIB Tools will have most of the RFC standard MIB files included.



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