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How does NOS balance traffic across ISL's?

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TitleHow does NOS balance traffic across ISL's?
How does NOS balance traffic across ISL's?
  • VDX
  • NOS
All interfaces of 10G and above have the same internal link cost (500), so a 10G link is treated the same as a 40G link and it is not possible to modify this link cost. ISL's are hardware-based "LAG's", the VDX considers all equal-cost paths as equally good as functionally there is no difference between one path over another (due to the cost).

The load balancing on the VDX is done on a per-flow basis and because it's flow-based and not per packet, you can end up with uneven load across ISL's as it's heavily dependent on the contents of each flow.
The ECMP method can be modified on a per Rbridge basis however so you can change the method to try and even out traffic flows.
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