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What are Advantagess of Hard Bonding in a VSB Pair?

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TitleWhat are Advantagess of Hard Bonding in a VSB Pair?
What are the advantages of hard bonding in a VSB Pair
Q: Are there any special port pairing/mapping considerations when connecting the dedicated VSB ports ?
A: Yes, the embedded VSB ports and VSB expansion ports on the I/O and I/O fabrics are grouped in port pairs. Each pair of VSB ports are connected to an individual fabric chip, ports 1 and 2 must be used together and ports 3 and 4 must be used together. Maintaining this pairing when bonding chassis together is required.
S140 and S180 FAQs
Q: Can I still use the Link Failure Response (LFR) feature when using HW VSB?
A: Yes, LFR is supported in the same way as SW VSB. ‘ Network’ ports added to the VSB in HW mode are will be used for LFR. Dedicated HW VSB ports cannot be used for LFR.
Q: Do I have to use the dedicated HW VSB ports when chassis bonding?
A: It is strongly encouraged to use the dedicated HW VSB ports if possible. Using the dedicated VSB ports removes the following restrictions incurred with using the Ethernet front panel ports.
• GRE Tunnels are supported only if using hard-bonded ports
• LAG capacities are reduced to 126 for chassis and 61 for SSA
• Port Mirroring support is limited to 5 mirrors (down from 15)
• IDS mirror is not supported
• Frames can be the subject of one mirror only
Q: If I have dedicated VSB hardware ports installed do I need the VSB license?
A: No, if dedicated VSB HW ports are present in the chassis; on the I/O fabrics, installed via the expansion module or via the option module, then no additional licensing is required to use the Virtual Switch Bonding feature.
A: No, this configuration is not permitted.
Q: What is the relationship between compatibility mode and HW VSB bonding?
A: HW VSB use is restricted to chassis running in compatibility mode v2 only. The bonded chassis must consist of only S140 and S180 HW and have HW VSB ports present in the configuration. Chassis running in v2 mode can also use the SW VSB option.
Hardware based bonding “set bonding mode hard” requires;
• Hardware bonding ports in each physical chassis,
• Each physical chassis must be operating in chassis compatibility mode V2.
Software based bonding “set bonding mode soft” must be used in every other case.
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