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Can EXOS support more than 63 policy roles?

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TitleCan EXOS support more than 63 policy roles?
  • EXOS currently supports up to 63 policy profiles to be configured.  Can this number be increased?
  • EXOS 21.x and higher
  • Due to a hardware limitation, the maximum number of policy profiles that can currently be supported on EXOS is 63
However, there are a number of ways around this depending how the policy domain has been implemented
  • Using Extreme Policy and RFC 3580, it is possible to reuse a a policy role within ExtremeControl such that a role can be assigned to various users/devices and various VLANs depending on where from and how the user/device is authenticating.  For example, if the role is "Students", ExtremeControl can return attributes within the RADIUS reply packet such that:
    • Student 1 could be assigned this role, but added to VLAN 100
    • While Student 2, could also be assigned this role but added to VLAN 200
The above then means that organization roles/rules can be consolidated that they are within the 63 policy limit, while up to the maximum supported number of VLANs can be available for assignment to authenticated users/devices
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