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AP2610/20 Enterasys Siemens serial numbers

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TitleAP2610/20 Enterasys Siemens serial numbers
  • How can I tell if 2600 and 3600 series AP are covered under Limited Life Type Warranty 
  • 2600 series AP's
  • 3600 series AP's
  • Limited Life Time Warranty
  • Enterasys vs Siemens banded AP's
Enterasys Wireless Indoor Access Point Models AP2605, AP2610, AP2620, AP3605, AP3610, AP3620
Sold before 6/1/2009: 1 Year,  Sold after 6/1/2009: Lifetime
AP Siemens Format: Serial numbers shall be 10 characters in length. The serial number is alphanumeric.
The serial number is formatted analogous to CCPPPYYWWMMMXXXX whereas:

CC stand for the customer code
PPP stand for the product ID
YY stand for the last two digits of the current year (ex. for 2006, YY is equal to 06).
WW is the current week (01-52).
MMM is the Manufacturer location
XXXX is a sequentially allocated number from 0001 to 9999.  This number increments from 0001 to 9999 and then begins at 0001 again.  The number will increment for each individual item produced.  The number will reset back to 0001 at the beginning of each new week.
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