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Access Point Firmware Upgrade Using X­Modem Cable

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TitleAccess Point Firmware Upgrade Using X­Modem Cable
How to update the firmware on an AP?
  • Extreme WiNG
Connect to AP using a null modem cable and upgrade firmware through HyperTerminal.
Access Point firmware needs to be upgraded.
  1. Copy the firmware files to the PC.
  2. Attach a null modem cable from the AP to the PC serial port.
  3. On the PC, open HyperTerminal.
  4. Name the session and select OK.
  5. Select the correct port, usually Com1, and set the following parameters:   Baud rate 19200 bpsData bits 8,  Stop bits 1,   Parity none,  Flow control none 
  6. Select OK. 
  7. Press Enter to display the Main Menu. 
  8. Select Enter Admin Mode and type the password. The default password is ‘Symbol.’  
  9. Go into the Special Functions Menu. 
  10. Press F3 to view Firmware Update Menu. 
  11. Under ‘Use Xmodem to update Access Point’s,’ select ‘Firmware and HTML File’ and press Enter. 
  12. At the confirmation prompt, press Y.  
  13. From HyperTerminal, select Transfer. 
  14. Select Send File.  
  15. Select Browse and locate the file(s).  
  16. Select Xmodem protocol from the drop down list and click Send. 
  17. The AP will automatically reset after all file transfers are completed.

Additional notes
    Article transferred from Zebra WLAN site 



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