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Airflow Requirements for Black Diamond 8000 series switch

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TitleAirflow Requirements for Black Diamond 8000 series switch

What is the recommended airflow requirement for Black Diamond 8810 switch to avoid overheating? # show temperature
Field Replaceable Units               Temp (C)   Status   Min  Normal   Max
Slot-1         : 8900-10G8X-xl          29.50    Normal   -10    0-55  65
Slot-2         : 8900-10G24X-c          31.00    Normal   -10    0-50  60
Slot-3         : 8900-G48T-xl           31.00    Normal   -10    0-60  70
Slot-4         : 8900-G48T-xl           33.50    Normal   -10    0-60  70
Slot-5         : 8900-MSM128            35.00    Normal   -10    0-55  65  (MSM - A)
Slot-6         : 8900-MSM128            42.00    Normal   -10    0-55  65  (MSM - B)
Slot-7         :
Slot-8         :
Slot-9         :
Slot-10        : 8900-10G24X-c          55.50    Warning  -10    0-50  60
  • BD-8810
  • EXOS All
  • Chassis Airflow Requirements To ensure proper airflow through an Extreme Switching (formerly Black Diamond) 8000 series switch, refer to the following recommendations when you install the switch:

1. 8000 series switches require a minimum of 1.5 inches (4 cm) around both the left and right sides of the chassis from any cabinet wall or other obstruction for proper airflow.
2. Air temperature measured approximately 1 inch (2.5 cm) from the fan inlet should be less than 104 °F (40 °C).
3. In the 8000 series switches, air moves through the power supplies independently of the airflow through the modules, as shown in the following figure.

  • For detailed information refer the document “BlackDiamond 8800 Series Switches Hardware Installation Guide” page# 56.
  • For more information, please contact GTAC for assistance.
Additional notes
  • When we see the temperature of slot-10  drops down with removing a baffle card in slot-9,  there is possible that the airflow around BD chassis is not optimized (hot air incoming from the left bottom of BD) and cooling air comes from front side of BD by a fan which placed, this cool down this card in slot-10 through open space in slot-9 .
  • We should check the cleanness in the air hole in the left side (especially bottom) of BD and if there is enough space from the cabinet wall or other obstruction from proper airflow’s. So, we need to know if the BD is in the optimized airflow environment based on user guide.



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