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Analytics Sizing and licensing information for installations past 8.2

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TitleAnalytics Sizing and licensing information for installations past 8.2
What is the Extreme Management Server (XMC) size and licenses needed for Analytics installs?
Extreme Management Center

Recommended server sizing

Hardware appliances
NS-A-20 (legacy) - maximum 12k users size recommended.
NS-A-25  -maximum 50k users size recommended.
NS-A-305 - maximum 200k users size recommended.

Virtual appliances - this assumes no oversubscription and dedicated cores and memory.
V Appliance Small - Not Recommended 
V Appliance Medium - maximum 50k users size recommended.
V Appliance Large (Enterprise) - maximum 100k users size recommended with default disk space of 1TB, expanded to 2TB, 200k users max size.

License sizing
New license format. Easier to size, based on number of devices (not people) on the network.
This is similar to the Extreme Control platforms license sizing, and can make sizing of the network easier.

License Name:
NMS-ADV-XX license include 100 clients. Usable for demonstration purposes
27001 Subscription licenses includes 200,000 clients
88201 - ExtremeAnalytics 1k Client License 
88202 - ExtremeAnalytics 3k Client License
88205 - ExrtremeAnalytics 12k Client License
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