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Auto-Provisioning Rules are not working

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TitleAuto-Provisioning Rules are not working
How do I configure Wing 5 Auto-Provisioning Policy for APs that are already adopted
·             WiNG NX Controllers 
·             WiNG AP 
·            WiNG VX Controllers
·            WiNG 5.X
By default, when an AP adopts to a controller, it checks to see if an AUTO-PROVISIONING policy is configured. If one is configured, the rules are scanned and implemented. This happens upon initial adoption. This step is bypassed during future adoption events. 

If an AP is already adopted and then rules are created or modified, there will be no change to the APs configuration.

To have AUTO-PROVISIONING policy effect an AP that is already adopted, you will need to delete the AP from the configuration. Upon re-adoption, the AP will follow the new AUTO-PROVISIONING policy.

Please Note: In the Enterprise Interface, there is an option that will force the APs to always review the AUTO-PROVISIONING Policy. This is not recommended since a poorly configured  change to the Policy could cause all your APs to not adopt
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