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Can WiNG Express APs be adopted by Enterprise WiNG controllers and vice-a-versa?

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TitleCan WiNG Express APs be adopted by Enterprise WiNG controllers and vice-a-versa?
Can I adopt WiNG Express APs on an Enterprise controller?
  • WiNG Express
  • WiNG 5.8.x
  • WiNG 5.9.2.x
  • AP7522E
  • AP6522E
  • AP6521E
  • NX5500/9500/9600
  • VX9000
  • RFS4000/6000/7000
Prior to firmware

Express APs (AP7522E, AP6521E, AP6522E, etc...) will only adopt on an Express controller such as the NX5500E or VX9000E and will not adopt on a Non-Express (Enterprise) controller such as the NX5500/9500/9600/VX9000/RFS4000/RFS6000/RFS7000. 

Non-Express APs (AP75xx, AP65xx, AP76xx and so on) cannot be adopted by Express controllers. 

At first glance, the Express and Non-Express APs using the Swift UI look identical, but you will quickly be able to determine which one yours falls under by looking at the top left-hand corner of the page where it should clearly be marked as follows: 
  1. WiNG Express AP
User-added image 
  1. Non-Express (Enterprise) WiNG AP
User-added image


All express APs that are upgraded to and supported in WiNG (see release notes for list) are transformed into enterprise APs. CLI configuration is allowed and Enterprise UI is available if required. The APs will always be called WiNG Express as this is hard coded; however, in reality they become enterprise APs and can be adopted, configured and manged by enterprise controllers. 
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