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Can I combine two ports together with different media types to form a LAG in EXOS

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TitleCan I combine two ports together with different media types to form a LAG in EXOS
  • Can i combine two or more ports together with different media types to form a LAG?
  • EXOS 
  • SFP & SFP+
  • LAG
  • No, ports with different media types (SFP & SFP+) cannot be combined together to form a LAG.
  • In EXOS, the following two conditions must meet when creating a LAG (sharing group) with two or more ports:
  1. Port Speed has to be the same.
  2. Port Media Type also has to be the same.
Therefore, it has to be either SFP+(10G)<->SFP+(10G) & SFP+(1G)<->SFP+(1G) OR SFP(1G)<->SFP(1G) combination of ports to form a LAG.
  • For example, you have two 1G SFP links with different media types and maximum port speed
Switch Name:                      Media Type:                Maximum Port Speed:

X450G2-48p-10G4 <-------------->     SFP+     <----------->       10G 
X450G2-48p-G4   <-------------->     SFP      <----------->       1G 

Slot-1 Stack.3 # show port 1:28, 2:25 configuration no-refresh
Port Configuration
Port     Virtual    Port  Link  Auto   Speed      Duplex   Flow  Load   Media
         router     State State Neg  Cfg Actual Cfg Actual Cntrl Master Pri Red
1:28     VR-Default  E      A   OFF  10000 1000 AUTO FULL    SYM  1:28    SX
2:25     VR-Default  E      A    ON  Auto  1000 FULL FULL    SYM          SX
  • You have an existing LAG with port 1:28 being a master port of the LAG
Slot-1 Stack.4 # show sharing
Load Sharing Monitor
Config    Current Agg     Min    Ld Share  Dist  Ld Share  Agg Link  Link Up
Master    Master  Control Active Algorithm Flags Group     Mbr State Transitions
  1:28   1:28     LACP       1    L3        A     1:28      Y     A       3
  • Now if you configure port 2:25 to become a member port of the above LAG, the following error will be displayed:
Slot-1 Stack.5 # configure sharing 1:28 add ports 2:25
Error: System cannot support Load Sharing among port media types with different maximum speed 
Configuration failed on backup Node, command execution aborted* 

Additional notes
  • There is no workaround to this issue because this is the way EXOS is designed. 
How to create or delete a share group (LAG) in EXOS



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