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Can the EDP packets be disabled on an EXOS device ?

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TitleCan the EDP packets be disabled on an EXOS device ?
Can we disable EDP packets ?
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EDP is CPU generated packet and its similar to LACP and ELRP. We can only limit the packets by applying ACL, Please check the link to know how to create and apply ACL How to create and apply an ACL in EXOS.
Additional notes
Globally disabling EDP will not stop EDP packets because ELRP packets are encapsulated with EDP.
CPU generated packets for link-based protocols (for example, EDP and LACP) are not egress mirrored. CPU generated PDUs on L2 protocol blocked ports are also not egress mirrored.

The source ethernet address for EDP is 00:E0:2B:00:00:01, and the destination is 00:E0:2B:00:00:00.



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