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Can the IdentiFi access points be used as iperf servers?

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TitleCan the IdentiFi access points be used as iperf servers?
Can the ExtremeWireless (IdentiFi) access points be used as an iperf server ?
  • IdentiFi
  • Firmware 10.41.01 and newer
  • AP39xx
  • ExtremeWireless
Yes, beginning in version 10.41, the AP39xx ExtremeWireless Access Points have an iPerf application available for throughput testing. 

If you access the CLI, you can find the iperf3 executable in the /usr/bin directory.
Then use the iperf3 -s command to configure the server. 

APname# cd usr/bin
APname# iperf3 -s
Server listening on 5201

Download iperf 3.1.3 to connect to the server on the AP. 
Example of iperf client command syntax in iperf 3.1.3:

iperf3 -c -p 5201 -t 10 -w 256 -P 3

This will connect to the server and run for 10 seconds, with 3 client streams (-P) and  a TCP window size of 256KB (-w). 
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