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Can you onfigure link up/down delay timers on VDX interfaces

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TitleCan you onfigure link up/down delay timers on VDX interfaces
We have a link physical between the Juniper Router and a Extreme VDX 6470T switch.  The Juniper router can configure  hold-down timers on the physical links to prevent flapping does the VDX switch have this feature?
link between Juniper device and Extreme VDX 6740T switch. This link goes via third party provider 
via multiple devices. When a carries switches this link to protected path we observe flapping 
The carrier advised us to set hold-time option on the interface to prevent flapping. 
On Juniper it looks like this:
[edit interfaces xe-3/0/3]
<hold-time up 500 down 500>

  • VDX6740T
  • NOS OS
The Extreme VDX Series does not have a hold-down timer for physical interfaces.  We do have that feature available on other Extreme Switching and Routing Platforms
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