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Checksum Mismatch reached maximum threshold(3)

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TitleChecksum Mismatch reached maximum threshold(3)
1. VSP switches have been logging errors listed below and we could not find what could be causing the errors?
<6>Mar 17 17:57:38 Col-CEF-VSP-Sw14( raslogd: [log@1588 value="RASLOG"][timestamp@1588 value="2020-03-17T17:57:38.067128"][msgid@1588 value="L2SS-1032"][seqnum@1588 value="8251"][attr@1588 value=" SW/0 | Active | DCE | WWN 10:00:00:04:96:aa:c2:f0"][severity@1588 value="INFO"][swname@1588 value="Col-CEF-VSP-Sw14"] BOMENS Checksum Mismatch reached maximum threshold(3) for Rbridge:11. Requesting MAC refresh from Rbridge:11.
<6>Mar 17 17:57:38 Col-CEF-VSP-Sw18( raslogd: [log@1588 value="RASLOG"][timestamp@1588 value="2020-03-17T17:57:38.068904"][msgid@1588 value="L2SS-1032"][seqnum@1588 value="33124"][attr@1588 value=" SW/0 | Active | DCE | WWN 10:00:f4:6e:95:a9:4a:3b"][severity@1588 value="INFO"][swname@1588 value="Col-CEF-VSP-Sw18"] BOMENS Checksum Mismatch reached maximum threshold(3) for Rbridge:11. Requesting MAC refresh from Rbridge:11.

2. Not sure if this is related to the issue but we have noticed errors related to the connection from the Brocade switches to a HPC environment that uses Mellonox.
The HPC environment uses jumbo frames, but some other equipment use MTU 1500 due to the WAN.  What we have noticed is the Brocade seem to be set by default to 2500, in addition the MTU size can only be set to as low as 1522, but don't know why but suspect it is something related to the fabric?

  • BRVDX6740
  • NOS 7.02b
1. On the Checksum Mismatch messages, you are receiving message as it is expected to receive ENS message when we have the mismatch in MAC count across the cluster. There is a known defect 571163 related to this issue. We changed this RASLOG (L2SS-1032) entry from WARNING to INFO level at NOS6.0.2b and 7.0 releases. As per NOS 7.1 message guide

2. The default value is MTU is 2500. This indicates that we are able to receive 2500 bytes (ie Jumbo Frames) So this should not be correlated with error packet nor fcs, This appear to be an issue with fiber, link, or transit physical devices. I would suggest that you have the customer examine the fiber, links, patch panels....ect...
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