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Common queries about using Management IP on Summit Stack

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TitleCommon queries about using Management IP on Summit Stack
1. Is it possible to connect to individual stack nodes using their respective MGMT ports?
2. Is it possible to configure an IP address for the Backup node's MGMT VLAN?
3. Would the Backup node pick up the management address, in case the Master node fails?
1. When in stack, only the Master node gets the management IP address as the whole stack is acting as one single device. Telnet to the rest of the stack nodes in stack is possible only after logging onto the Master node. 
[Only the Master node has configuration '#' prompt, rest of the nodes would be in operational (privilege) mode '>' prompt and Backup nodes gets synced from the Master]

2. Other than on the Master node, no management IP address is allowed to be configured on the remaining nodes. [Alternative IP address configuration is allowed on the Backup and standby nodes but that would be only from Master node]. Please refer to the following article for info - 
how to configure alternate IP for each slot in stack for out of band network management
3. Yes, the Management ports should be plugged-in and in case the Master node fails, Backup would take over the management IP address.
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