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Creation of Map links using Spanning tree information

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TitleCreation of Map links using Spanning tree information
OnceView can use MIB tables for CDP (Exteme, Enterasys, Cabletron Proprietary), EDP, and LLDP protocols to resolve port connections with the collected information links are drawn in Maps. 

How do MAP views from OneView/Extreme Management Center create links

Will it support STP as well? 

  • Netsight
  • NMS
  • Oneview
  • Extreme Management Center
  • Maps
Creating links in Maps using STP is not support yet. Feature request is under process and this feature might be available in Version 8.

“This is the Company’s current product direction and all future product releases are subject to change.”
Additional notes
Please get in touch with your Extreme Accounts team to get this prioritized. 



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