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Information About "Process IE Client Request" on IdentiFi Wireless Controller

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TitleInformation About "Process IE Client Request" on IdentiFi Wireless Controller
Information about "process IE client request" on the IdentiFi Wireless Controller
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In terms of ICT, an Information Element (IE) is a part of management frames in the IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN protocol. IEs are a device's way to transfer descriptive information about itself inside management frames. There are usually several IEs inside each such frame, and each is built of TLVs mostly defined outside the basic IEEE 802.11 specification.
The common structure of an IE is as follows:
← 1 → ← 1 → ← 3 → ← 1-252 →
| Type |Length| OUI | Data |
Whereas the OUI (organizationally unique identifier) is used only when necessary to the protocol being used, and the data field holds the TLVs relevant to that IE.
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