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Where is Deal Registration on the new Extreme Portal?

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TitleWhere is Deal Registration on the new Extreme Portal?
Where is Deal Registration on the new Extreme Portal?
Deal Registration is available under the Partner option near the top of the page once you have logged on to the new Extreme Portal.

Please note that you have to log in to the Beta-Portal for the Partner option to appear. 
The option to log in is in the top right corner of the page. 

Please note that the new Extreme Portal has it's own log on credentials which are separate from your Extranet and PartnerNet passwords, because the portal is still in beta release. You can set the passwords to be the same which can make things work a little more smoothly.

Access to all of the Extreme Portal features is currently limited as it is still in beta release. If it is your first time visiting the new portal, please use the "forgot your password" on the log on page to reset your password.

If you are a Partner and the forgot your password link does not work for you or if you have some other issue related to Deal Registration access, then please send an email to

Please use the following link for further instructions on how to log on to the new Deal Registration Program.
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