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Does EXOS support FILETRANSFER MIB for backup config via SNMP? ​

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TitleDoes EXOS support FILETRANSFER MIB for backup config via SNMP? ​
Does EXOS support FILETRANSFER MIB for backup config via SNMP?   ​ 
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FILETRANSFER MIB is not currently supported in EXOS even though they are in the MIB files.
They used to be supported in old ExtremeWare platforms but not in EXOS anymore.
Additional notes
As workaround use UPM profile:

# Module ems configuration.
log debug-mode
create log filter configlog
configure log filter configlog add events cm.sys.state strict-match string "SAVE_COMPLETE"
create log target upm saveconfig
enable log target upm saveconfig
configure log target upm saveconfig filter configlog severity Debug-Summary only 

# Module
upm configuration.

create upm profile saveconfig
enable cli scripting
set var CLI.OUT " "
set var cntrl_cfg 1
set var base_list $TCL(join ${CLI.OUT})
set var base_list $TCL(lsort $base_list)
set var base_list $TCL(split $base_list) 
delete var "CLI.OUT"
set var CLI.OUT " " 
show switch
set var base_list2 $TCL(split ${CLI.OUT} "\n") 
set var baseSystemTime $TCL(clock seconds) 
set var systemTime $TCL(clock format $baseSystemTime -format {%Y
set var
systemname $TCL(lindex $base_list2 1) 
set var systemname $TCL(string replace $syste
mname 0 17 {}) 
set var systemtype $TCL(lindex $base_list2 5) 
set var systemtype $TCL(string replace $systemtype 0 17 {}) 

delete var "CLI.OUT"
set var filename $(systemname)_$(systemtype)_$(systemTime)
delete var systemname
delete var systemtype
delete var systemTime
If ($match ($EVENT.LOG_PARAM_1, SAVE_COMPLETE) == 0) then 
upload configuration <TFTP_SERVER_IP_ADDRESS> $(filename).xsf vr <VR_NAME>




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