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Does EXOS support IPv6 router discovery?

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TitleDoes EXOS support IPv6 router discovery?
Does EXOS support IPv6 router discovery? What options are available?
  • EXOS
  • All EXOS platforms
  • IPv6
Yes. EXOS supports IPv6 router discovery.

Router discovery - the ability to send out router advertisements that can be used by a host to discover the router. The advertisements sent out contain the prefixes and configuration parameters that allow the end nodes to auto-configure their addresses. The switch also responds to requests from nodes for router advertisements.

The following settings can be configured on an interface to manage router advertisements:
  • Settings to control the sending of router advertisements over the interface periodically and to control responding to router solicitations
  • The maximum time between sending unsolicited router advertisements
  • The minimum time between sending unsolicited router advertisements
You can configure the following values, that are advertised by the switch:
  • Managed address configuration flag
  • Other stateful configuration flag
  • Link MTU
  • Retransmit timer
  • Current hop limit
  • Default lifetime
  • Reachable time
Additionally, you can configure the following values for each prefix on the prefix list associated with an interface:
  • Valid lifetime of the prefix
  • On-link flag
  • Preferred lifetime of the prefix
  • Autonomous flag
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