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Does WiNG 5 support KeyGuard Proprietary Encryption?

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TitleDoes WiNG 5 support KeyGuard Proprietary Encryption?
Does WiNG 5 support Keyguard Encryption?
  • WirelessWiNG
  • WiNG v5
  • WiNG v4
  • WS5100
  • RFS6010
  • RFS7010
  • RFS4010
  • NX9XXX
  • NX75XX/NX75XX-E
  • NX65XX/NX45XX
  • NX55XX/NX55XX-E
  • AP8432
  • AP8533
  • AP82XX
  • AP75XX
  • AP7522-E
  • AP71x1
  • AP65xx
  • AP650
  • AP62x
  • AP8132
The answer is YES, except the AP76xx series APs. All other AP models supported under latest WiNG 5 release has support for KeyGuard. 

KeyGuard, Symbol's/Motorola Solutions/Zebra Technologies/Extreme Networks proprietary TKIP encryption implementation is based on the 802.11i standard.  It is the seamless, dynamic, and per-packet rotation of WEP keys between a Symbol's/Motorola Solutions/Zebra Technologies/Extreme Networks Access Point and a Symbol's/Motorola Solutions/Zebra Technologies 802.11b Mobile Unit (MU/Wireless Client).
40bit or 128bit encryption needs to be enabled on the AP and MU for KeyGuard to be used.  

This solution/feature is only supported with WiNG 4 or WiNG 5 with legacy Symbol's/Motorola Solutions/Zebra Technologies Mobile Units (MU/Wireless Clients) that have this built-in support. 

Most devices today support WPA/WPA2 encryption and no need for KeyGuard. This feature can be configured under the CLI (Command Line Interface) and/or the UI under WLAN settings.
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